Agora Lledó International School welcomes the new academic year


September has arrived, and with it, the return to school! Agora Lledó International School opens its doors to the 2016/2017 school year, starting classes up again with enthusiasm and the desire to continue growing together with the entire educational community. Luis Madrid, headmaster of the school, welcomes the new school year with some inspirational words and reveals the changes and challenges for this academic year which is about to begin.

Looking back at the most notable milestones and the objectives achieved during the 2015/2016 academic year, which have shown the success of the Agora Lledó International School educational project, Luis Madrid highlights:

“I believe, without doubt, that the organisation of NACEMUN, with the participation of over 120 pupils from our NACE Schools, was a milestone which surprised families and teachers, which confirmed the maturity, the organisation, the autonomy and the English level of our pupils. We could also speak of the many and varied prizes we have achieved this year, from the Biology or Chemistry Olympiads to the Mathematics Olympiads, the story, art, and language competitions and above all, our rhythmic gymnastics champions’ magnificent results in different championships and categories. It has, without doubt, been a year filled with success and with work, lots of work by the teachers, which has been rewarded.”

“This year in particular we are very happy because we reached practically all the objectives that we set ourselves, especially in terms of academics. We obtained very good results in the PISA tests which the 4th ESO pupils took, the Selectividad university entrance exam results were better than in any other year, we increased our average in the International Baccalaureate results by more than a point, a huge number of pupils sat different language exams with practically a 100% pass rate at the different levels, and finally, the school has received authorisation to open and operate as an accredited centre of elementary and professional artistic teaching in music, which will make our music educational project even more relevant. Without doubt, achieving their objectives has been a great source of happiness for the pupils and satisfaction for the community in general, and above all, it has generated confidence in the school because year after year we overcome limits and improve results.”

The headmaster of Agora Lledó International School reveals the targets set for the 2016/2017 academic year and all the new features to enable further progress along the path of educational excellence.

“Firstly, we are in the middle of a curriculum review of various educational items, which makes us place them on a scale and see where we are. With this analysis, the objective is to improve all of them in order to reach the category of excellent in all of them, or at least in the maximum number of items that we can (diversified attention, methodology, school environment, etc.). In this sense, we have a clear target set so that the heads of the academic departments are actively involved in the supervision and improvement of classes, in department meetings, and in short, in transmitting from “inside” the maximum information about the subject or area of knowledge in order to implement improvements. The different supervisions of classes, as well as the planning of department activities and areas, will set out the path to follow throughout the academic year and will mean that for both pupils and families the objectives that each pupil has or can achieve will be much clearer and more defined.”

“Without doubt, the authorisation to open and operate as an accredited centre of elementary and professional artistic teaching in music will allow us to now begin preparing pupils, from September, to achieve (firstly) the Elementary Grade in Music, with no need to go somewhere else to do so, simply with the Agora Lledó International School curriculum and the complementary classes. We know that music as part of our project is a very important pillar.”

“In addition, we have the inclusion of technology in an important way: on the one hand, both 5th Primary pupils and those in 6th Primary and 1st ESO will work with tablets as an additional pedagogical tool in their learning. This is not about substituting books, but incorporating technology into all subjects in a natural way. Similarly, the 4-and-5-year-old pupils will work with tablets in groups on the Infantium platform, which will enable the youngest ones to actively get closer to technology.”

“Finally, in Secondary Education and Baccalaureate we offer the option of an intensive school day so that the older pupils can take part in other activities in or outside school (from obtaining their driving licence to developing study techniques which improve their habits, or dedicating time to their ADE (Business Administration and Management), sporting, musical or artistic specialisations, depending on the level they are at.) We believe that we have organised the school and timetables in such a way that all our pupils who have many interests can take part in them at the same time as their academic obligations.”

After an assessment of the challenges overcome in the last academic year, as well as the new features and goals for the new school year, Luis Madrid, headmaster of Agora Lledó International School, would like to personally welcome the pupils who will be starting their classes with the following words:

I would like to transmit a message of hope and of effort to all the pupils, since we have seen, particularly in the last academic year, that with effort and hope all goals and objectives can be achieved. The pupils need to be happy at the school, with the confidence to say things, and to try to improve them, but in turn they must demonstrate not only effort, but responsibility. Each year we participate more in different international and national exchanges; I encourage them to not miss out on the opportunity to participate in some of them. They are unique and unforgettable experiences. Have a happy school year!

Luis Madrid
Headmaster of Agora Lledó International School

01 / 09 / 16