Preparations have begun for Summer School at Agora Lledó

Agora Lledó is currently getting ready for summer camp which will be one of the most compete summer schools in the region, including English classes, a wide range of sporting activities, music, and technology on site throughout June, July and August.


During the summer holidays Agora Lledó International School offers a variety of sports, music or technology courses at one of the most complete Summer Schools available within the Valencian Community. Summer School is open to everyone and includes 2-hour daily classes in Russian or Spanish for those children who would benefit from taking up this option.

In order to help our students enjoy the best possible summer, the Agora Lledó Summer School opens its doors over the summer holidays, offering a wide range of activities and encouraging our students to continue learning in a fun and relaxed environment. Students can opt for the English Summer in July and August where language and sport go hand in hand and courses are specifically designed to suit the capacity and preference of each student. This camp combines 5 hours of classes, various activities in English and an hour every day in the swimming pool. Our Sports Summer Camps in June and July offers four sports options to allow students to enjoy and progress in their favourite sports, including Rhythmic Gymnastics with Club Lledó, Multi-sports (martial arts, skating …), Soccer with the school team or Racquet sports. In addition to sports classes each student gets the opportunity to participate in daily English and swimming sessions.

Students can also choose to participate in courses in Music, the arts and technological innovation. If these are the things interest you, you can choose one of our specialist courses:

Music Camp and Technology Camp. At Music Camp throughout June and July students can choose to work on their musical skills taking courses such as the Symphonic Music Camp or the Rock Music Camp, musical immersion programmes where children get the opportunity to improve their music practice and theory, work creatively, learn English and use the swimming pool every day.

At Technology Camp, students learn more about the world of robotics using resources such as Lego Education and Gamesonomy, developing psychomotor skills and improving mathematics, social competence, teamwork and communication. Technology camp runs two separate courses throughout July.

With a wide range of activities including Languages, sports, handicrafts and practical experiments, and with an excellent teaching staff, Agora Lledó Sumer Camps offer students a really great summer holiday experience. Children can focus on the activities that they will enjoy the most and schedules are flexible to make life a little easier for parents and carers.


News | El Mundo/Castellón

27 / 05 / 17