Agora Lledó achieves outstanding results in this year’s PISA tests

The cohort of 15-year-old students at Agora Lledó sat the international PISA tests in Maths, Science and Literacy, in addition to completing a general questionnaire, and achieved an average point score of 530, placing us ahead of average country scores in Japan, Canada, Finland and Korea.


Students at Agora Lledó International School again achieved excellent results in the PISA tests (Program for the International Assessment of the Students) this year. The tests are taken by 15-year-old students and provide a standardised performance indicator for students from more than 70 countries worldwide. Students are tested in three areas, Mathematics, Science and Literacy and the results are recognised a being a representative and reliable performance indicator.

The school obtained an average of 530 points, surpassing the schools from countries leading the ratings like Korea, (519), Finland (523), Canada (524) and Japan (529). The fantastic results achieved by our students confirm the level of their academic performance in comparison with other students worldwide. Results at Agora Lledó are significantly higher than the Spanish national average in every subject, and higher than the average for the leading OECD countries. These results have also brought a new sense of cohesion and motivation to the school inspiring students and teachers alike to maintain this level of academic excellence.

We are extremely proud of not only our students, but of their families, teachers and the wider Agora Lledó school community who have worked together and provided great support and encouragement to our final year students, and without whom these excellent results would not have been possible.


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06 / 06 / 17