Agora Lledó, noted for excellent international performance by the Association of Private and Independent Schools (CICAE)

The Association of Private and Independent Schools (CICAE) has drawn up a report on the 20 schools belonging to the association whose results in the PISA tests surpassed the Spanish average and average results for the countries highlighted by the OECD and whose student performance was deemed to be outstanding. Agora Lledó International is one of these schools.

The schools highlighted by the CICAE obtained an average of 559.7 points in the PISA tests, higher than countries such as Singapore, Japan, Canada or Finland, and surpassing average OECD country scores and those of the rest of Spain. PISA tests provide an independent performance indicator at a national and international level for schools in the private sector.

Our warmest congratulations go to all at Agora Lledó International School who have been involved in working to achieve these excellent results and of course to our super-students!!



24 / 05 / 18