mirrors the development of the Globeducate group to which Agora Lledó International School belongs reflects the school’s progress during this new phase of our educational journey; as the NACE International Schools Group transforms into Globeducate, we are embracing new educational challenges and preparing our student body for success in tomorrow’s world. The world now poses new and radical social, economic and environmental challenges that are transforming communities across the globe and we must provide our students with the skills that they will need to excel in professions that may not have yet been created.

Globeducate is the reincarnation of the NACE Schools group, and is excited to take over the responsibility for preparing its students, not only to achieve success in a globalised world, but also to accept the challenges of shaping that world for future generations. With this in mind, the Globeducate group has committed to uphold the United Nations’ 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, and, as part of this project, Globeducate’s schools have already established collaborative ventures with internationally renowned organisations such as the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Eco Schools (Ecoescuelas in Spain).


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05 / 12 / 19