Agora Lledó opens its doors to a new school year guaranteeing safety plan in place.

After the months of confinement and summer vacations, thousands of children in Castellón have once again felt the nerves of the first day of school, the weight of the books in their backpacks and the excitement of meeting their new classmates and teachers. On Thursday, September 3rd, the children’s classes began in Infant School, on Friday, September 4th, in Primary School, and progressively in Secondary School and High School.

The priority in this return to school is to ensure health safety. The return of the students to the classrooms has taken place not only in accordance with all the indications and regulations of the health and educational authorities, but the safety protocols of the school will take into account the international experience of all the schools of the Globeducate educational group. These protocols are designed to guarantee maximum safety and hygiene among students and workers.

Agora Lledó School has spacious classrooms that are more than the required square metres, which guarantees a safety distance of one and a half meters, as well as a school nurse. In addition, the stable cohabitation groups (known as “bubble groups”) from 1st and 2nd of Primary will have the presence of the tutor throughout the school day to ensure compliance with safety measures and minimize personal contact, with the possibility of having specialist teachers present on site or by videoconference.

It is also planned to establish security and distance measures at entrances and exits and at playground hours, without forgetting the large outdoor area that the centre has, located in an environment surrounded by nature. In addition to measuring the temperature at the entrances and other hygienic measures, all teachers and the rest of the school community have passed some quick tests before the beginning of the classes to minimize the risks of contagion in the school.

Agora Lledó already has the practical experience of having opened its doors on June 1, with all the safety protocols in order to attend in person to the students of the 2nd grade of high school, who obtained the best results in the province of Valencia. Likewise, and with protocols very similar to those that will be applied now, Agora Lledó opened the Summer School with more than 200 students until August 14, fortunately without any incident.


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08 / 09 / 20