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Anniversary of the Agora family


A few days ago we had a very special celebration and we would like to thank you all for your participation in the Agora International School family event. 50 years have passed since the birth of the first Agora International School, and the Agora educational project has grown a lot, becoming a benchmark in the […]

Healthy eating from childhood


“The percentages of obesity at all ages are very high, but the worst thing is that they continue to increase year after year”. These are the harsh statements given by paediatrician Pedro Frontera when we asked him how serious the global child obesity figures are. It does so on the basis of information from the […]

STOP child obesity


If you were asked which pandemic we are fighting, what would you answer? Most probably you would mention COVID-19, but there is another silent pandemic: childhood obesity. We teach you how to put an end to this disease, just as we do at Agora Lledó International School. According to Idoia Labayen, senior lecturer at the […]

School day at Agora Lledó


What is my child doing at school at this time? I’m working, I dropped my child off at school this morning, and I need to know whether or not they’ll be all right. Have any of these expressions ever crossed your mind? For your peace of mind, we explain what a normal school day is […]

Sugar consumption by children


The consumption of sugar by children is worrying, as in many cases the amount far exceeds the amount recommended by experts. What are the risks of this sugar abuse and how can we at school help to change it? 34% of the Spanish population aged between 3 and 24 years is overweight or obese, and […]

Educating for excellence


We don’t understand educational excellence as astonishingly high grades, but as personalised education, which focuses on the pace of each pupil and which, in addition, also prepares them to be good citizens in the world which awaits them. That is why, at Agora Lledó International School, excellence is one of the basic pillars of our […]

Psychology at your service


Agora Lledó International School wants to help make this confinement more bearable. For this reason, Ana Díaz, a school psychologist, proposes some recommendations to understand our little ones and to be able to give them an adequate response. Ana proposes three scenarios to us, with specific advice to manage them positively and turn them into […]

Home learning


In a recent interview for the blog of The Pie, a reference in international education, Globeducate Chief of Education, Daniel Jones, reflects on the rapid transition we have experienced towards home learning and how the previous experience of the educational group, with prestigious online schools in Canada or France and centers in Rome and Milan, […]

Online classes on vacation

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Agora Lledó International School is characterized by educational excellence, innovation and the incorporation of cutting-edge technological resources, which has allowed it to develop a whole series of school support activities through online educational platforms to serve its students these days. Starting Monday 23, the school will launch its ambitious contingency plan to continue fulfilling its […]

COVID-19 Response

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Agora Lledó International School has launched a comprehensive online education project to ensure that, despite the closure of schools in the region as decreed by the Valencian Government, our students will continue to receive their classes. The school, which had predicted several weeks ago that this scenario could arise, has incorporated new technologies into our […]

Globeducate and WWF collaboration

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An exciting partnership between Globeducate and WWF will impact on the education of more than 25,000 young people and their wider communities. Globeducate is one of the leading K-12 international schools’ groups in the world, with more than 50 schools in 10 countries, and has launched a global agenda for change: an agenda that prepares […]

Welcome to Globeducate


NACE Schools was founded in 1972 and since then it has seen consistent expansion. Starting in Spain, our network has spread across Europe, Canada, India and most recently Malaysia. We now have more than 50 schools in 10 countries, educating more than 25,000 students. We are truly a global network and a leader in international […]

Certificate of Quality S+


The safety of our students is a priority for Agora Lledó International School. It is for this reason that we underwent a voluntary audit by the National Association for Child Safety for them to evaluate our facilities and procedures in compliance with their strict criteria. As a result, Agora Lledó International School has been awarded the […]

New course 2018-2019

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The school Agora Lledó International School begins the school year ahead of the rest of the schools in the Valencian Community. This year there are more than 850 students who join their classes, achieving an increase of 8% of students in the centre. The objective of advancing in the beginning of the course is to […]

Agora Lledó – an all-round education

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Agora Lledó’s talks to us about the school’s extensive educational programme and the factors that contribute to the school’s academic success and outstanding results.   News | Guía de Prensa

New school year 2017-2018


Agora Lledó International School has already begun the 2017/2018 academic year, ahead of other schools, with the more than 500 pupils in Infant and Primary Education starting last week. The aim is to help them adjust to the school environment after the summer holidays, make school start dates compatible with professional life for parents, and […]

New academic year 2016-2017


  September has arrived, and with it, the return to school! Agora Lledó International School opens its doors to the 2016/2017 school year, starting classes up again with enthusiasm and the desire to continue growing together with the entire educational community. Luis Madrid, headmaster of the school, welcomes the new school year with some inspirational […]



“Educating people who are prepared to achieve their dreams, and who have a capacity for personal and academic self-improvement, within the context of an education based on values”. This is the educational philosophy at Agora Lledó International School. The School is aware that results come from the efforts, integrity and dedication of a great team […]

The news of Agora Lledó


Here at NACE Schools, we want to make sure that our community of parents, pupils and ex-pupils is kept up to date with the news from each one of our schools as well as the most important topics being discussed in the educational world. To give you an insight into the topics which matter to […]

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