Our teachers

Our teachers’ vocation to study is one of the cornerstones of our educational project and is instilled in our pupils through the teachers’ attitude and behaviour, as they are not only academic guides, but also a reference point for the pupils regarding their personal development and their value-based education. This is why we place great importance on the training of our teaching staff, making sure they keep up-to-date with the latest educational techniques. This is an effort made by our entire teaching community, which optimises the resources and deals with the specific needs and capabilities of each pupil in order to help them to be successful when facing the challenges they will encounter in their future academic and professional lives.

A dedicated teaching team

At Globeducate we believe that our teachers should be part of an on-going process of learning and this is why our entire educational community takes part in regular training days and workshops. These aim to strengthen their knowledge and skills in fields such as Emotional Intelligence, New Technologies and Assertiveness. For example, the whole teaching staff of Agora International School recently took part in a workshop entitled “Impact on Learning”, whose objective was to provide teachers with tools so that they have a greater impact on student learning.

Another Globeducate scheme within this on-going training programme are the Learning Coaches. Teachers from Agora Lledó have been specifically trained as coaches to support and help other teachers grow and improve. All progress is monitored and optimised with the aid of a teaching quality control system exclusive to Globeducate: it is a systematic process of development, measurement, support and improvement called Globeducate Platinum Standard.

On-going training

At Agora Lledó, as part of a Globeducate group wide initiative, we organise regular training sessions for all our teachers. Over the last year they have all taken part in a workshop called Impact on Learning, where they shared practical strategies. These strategies, according to scientific studies carried out worldwide, can have a big impact on the pupils’ learning: The Role of Questions, Motivation and Challenge within the classroom, Systematic Checking of the Pupil’s Progress and The Importance of Feedback are some of these strategies. The teachers enjoyed the course and are putting what they learnt into practice.



As part of Globeducate commitment to educational excellence, the cornerstone of our educational project, in 2017 the Globeducate Learning Coaches scheme was launched in all of the group’s schools. Through this scheme, representatives of the teachers from each of the Globeducate have been trained as Coaches to help and support their colleagues in their pursuit of excellence in their work. Our teachers’ vocation and passion for teaching is complemented by the constant improvement in their techniques and the on-going progress in their teaching abilities meaning that our teaching staff never cease to learn.


Globeducate Platinum Standard – a process for improvement

With the aim of improving day by day and strengthening our project, Globeducate has set up a quality framework in all of its schools, Globeducate Platinum Standard. The purpose of this is to improve the performance of each of our schools and ensure there is educational excellence. Its objective is to help the schools to assess the quality of the education they are giving and its principles are backed up by best practices from education systems from around the world. It is a comprehensive programme which uses a variety of quality indicators which help to establish improvement plans in areas such as effective leadership, quality of teaching and learning and the progress and well-being of the students.

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“It is fair that, on a day like today, we should remember those who are no longer with us. Those who helped make this school what it is.“

D. Miguel Morte Montolío

Spanish Language and Literature teacher

“My stay at Stonar is one of the most enriching professional experiences of my career as a teacher. Among other things, the cultural dilemma means that they place a higher value on the educational tools developed in the NACE network, and show that, in spite of the cultural differences, we are one big family with the same values.”

Cristina Chacar Pons

Agora Lledo International School Teacher at Stonar

“Working at this school I feel fulfilled while doing what I most like to do, look after and teach Preschool children. I grow day by day on a professional and personal level as I learn from them just as they learn from me. It is heart warming to have pupils who give back as much affection as you give them!”

Sandra Mármol Lara

Nursery Teacher

“I know that without effort and dedication it is impossible to achieve what we set out to, but if you also find in your teachers people who know how to motivate you and stimulate that capacity, the result is hugely positive, that’s why I want to express my thanks from here for the support and dedication of all my teachers at Lledó School and in particular, to my tutors Ángela and Ester who knew how to motivate me to be able to achieve what I wanted to.”

María Caro

Former pupil of Agora Lledó International School

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