Improving the quality of teaching: Globeducate Platinum Standard

The Globeducate Platinum Standard is a school improvement framework implemented throughout all our schools. It is designed to improve the overall performance of each school and ensure educational excellence. It has been developed by researching best practices from education systems around the world and relates both to educational excellence and to the core principles and values of the Globeducate Schools group. It is based around a set of quality indicators which help to:

  • assess standards and quality of the education in each school across the group
  • recognise key strengths in each school across the group
  • identify areas in which the quality needs to be improved
  • identify priorities for each centre and establish an improvement plan

In order to assess the quality of each school and identify areas to improve, five key areas are evaluated:

  1. Effectiveness of Leadership and Management
  2. Quality of Learning
  3. The Globeducate Mission and Value Proposition


The Globeducate Platinum Standard is complemented by regular teacher training to improve the quality and effectiveness of teaching and learning throughout our schools. We believe our students should have high expectations, and we encourage questioning, reflection, debate and active participation. Techniques such as 360º feedback facilitate communication between teachers and students and interaction between the students themselves.  Platinum Standard provides a mechanism for assessing the educational quality in each of the Globeducate Group’s schools and creating strategies for growth and improvement in all areas of the school’s educational project.

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