Music and Expression

Official Music Conservatory

recognised by the Generalitat Valenciana

22 different instruments

and the development of vocal capabilities

2 orchestras and 1 choir

with over 20 concerts given

The BAPNE® Method

of cognitive and psychomotor stimulation

Music and Expressive Arts form an integral part of a child’s development and provide enormous cognitive and personal benefits, enhancing communication skills and building confidence and self-esteem. At Agora Lledó International School, the arts and music play a central role in the school’s curriculum, and, alongside our specialist Music Academy, we offer a range of courses in the arts, dance, theatre and public speaking.

Agora Lledó International School is certified by the Generalitat Valenciana to teach music to both basic and professional standards. All our pupils learn to play at least one orchestra instrument (piano, violin, viola, violoncello, double bass, bass, guitar, trumpet, clarinet…) while developing their vocal capabilities. They periodically perform before classmates and parents and they can be part of our school’s orchestra groups and choirs. Our school takes part in concerts and auditions inside and outside the Valencian Community, as well as playing an active role in our city’s musical and cultural activities.

Our music curriculum is designed to offer our students an active and engaging musical experience from day one. Students are exposed to many different types of musical activity as part of their day to day studies during Early Years, and we continue to extend and develop our students’ relationship with music throughout Primary. Children are encouraged to learn a musical instrument and the school has its own Music Academy, enabling our students to work towards the official Elementary Music Certificate. Should they choose to further extend their musical studies, pupils can go on to complete their Professional Music qualifications.

We believe that creative and performing arts are fundamental to providing a broad and balanced education, enhancing intellectual capacity, encouraging children to think independently and helping them to explore their creativity, imagination, artistic sensibility and emotions. The school offers comprehensive programmes in the artistic, expressive and visual arts, including music, painting and drawing, helping our students to create, explore and innovate.

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