Sport, Health & Fitness

2 artificial turf football pitches

1 semi-olympic pool

3 national federation clubs

+12 different sports

Sport, and an understanding of healthy living, are fundamental to a well-balanced education, and at Agora Lledó International School we foster the values ​​implicit in participating in sporting activity, such as discipline, determination, a sense of fair-play, and teamwork, amongst many others. We encourage our students to understand the importance of developing active and healthy minds and bodies in order to become well-balanced, positive and motivated individuals.

The school has excellent sporting facilities, which include a dedicated sports area measuring 6,700 m2, incorporating all the resources and equipment necessary to participate and train in a range of different sports. Our facilities include a 25-metre indoor swimming pool, a children’s pool, sports hall, outdoor 5-a-side football pitches, mini-basketball, basketball and tennis courts and two Astro-turf soccer pitches.

We run 3 specialist sports clubs in Gymnastics, Soccer and Swimming, competing at a national level with excellent results. We also run an Adaptation Programme for Elite Athletes (ADE), which enables our most talented students to focus on developing their sporting careers without neglecting their academic studies. Agora Lledó has offered this programme since the launch of the school in 2001 and deals with each student individually through a tutor who, along with the family, adapts and coordinates academic matters with their sporting requirements.

As well as taking part in sports within the mainstream curriculum, students are also invited to participate in a range of international sporting events organised by the Globeducate group. These events celebrate sporting excellence and healthy competition and provide an opportunity for our international community to gather together. The Globeducate Olympic Games is an international Olympic-style event that brings together over 500 athletes from Globeducate’s schools around the world. In addition to encouraging an active lifestyle, our students participate in a comprehensive health project, promoting good nutrition and healthy eating.


“Recognition of certain subjects gives me precious time that I dedicate to the study and to the duties that I can’t do at home due to the afternoon I train 3 to4 hours a day. When a competition coincides in the same date that an exam,  the teachers, gladly, advances or slow down me the examinations in order that it could organize better my time and to study to obtain a few good academic results, beside being able to center in the competition.”

Alejandro Rovatti


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