Exchanges and Stays


At Agora Lledó International School we offer an array of opportunities, such as exchanges, where students can improve their language skills. An international experience which empowers students to use their language abilities and go out into the world, interact with students from other countries and cultures and acquire values that will serve them through life. One of the main aims is to learn a language although exchanges have many other benefits for pupils, such as opening their minds to other cultures and setting the foundations for values such as respect for diversity. All this will ensure they become true citizens of the world with many possibilities regarding their future careers.

From the age of 10 upwards, our pupils can take part in exchanges to different places. Examples of these are: Schools Collège EIB Monceau Paris in France (5th Primary), Wilhelm von Humboldt School in Berlín, Germany (2nd ESO), Maartens College in Groningen, Holland (3rd and 4th ESO) and Rundle College in Calgary, Canada (4th ESO), all of which are part of the Globeducate network. These exchanges help them to gain independence and responsibility and to face everyday situations where they learn to make decisions and fend for themselves in a foreign language while living a new culture.

Studies abroad

We currently have two programmes for studying abroad, in Canada and in England (Stonar), for pupils aged 14 and 15. The pupils spend one term at schools with which we have agreements and thanks to which they not only gain fluency in their second language, but also have the chance to get to know different education systems, as well as cultures and customs.

Finally, 4th ESO pupils also have an end of year trip to Europe, when they visit places such as Italy, Hungary or the Czech Republic.

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