Facilities and Services

Agora Lledó International School has been set up so that our pupils receive a global education with its comprehensive facilities that foster a positive atmosphere. The facilities, which are bright, spacious and surrounded by nature, have been designed to make the pupils feel comfortable in what we call «brain-friendly atmospheres». Agora Lledó has large classrooms, science labs, IT classrooms, as well as digital classrooms that have the latest technology in them. There are also play areas, outdoor sports areas and a wonderful sports centre that has a semi-Olympic swimming pool and a gym, and it is open to parents and the general public outside school hours.

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Talk a stroll through all the school, its classrooms and other facilities: the hall, the science labs, the indoor swimming pool, the dining room…

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The campus has all the facilities the pupils may need for the different stages throughout their school life: classrooms, science labs, a sports centre and much more.

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A comprehensive range of services that adapt to the needs of each family and their children’s education: school transport, dining room, extended hours, first-aid room, shop….

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Educational Psychology Department

The Psychopedagogical Gabinet of Agora Lledó International School is a distinctive service that works both with students and with teachers and parents in order to individually address the needs of each student. It consists of 1 speech therapist, 2 psychologists, 2 teachers in the area of therapeutic pedagogy and 6 other teachers; all of them ensure attention to diversity and optimal development of students according to their aptitudes and needs.

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