Classrooms and Laboratories

At Agora Lledó International School our classrooms are large, modern and bright and meet the standards required by current law, and are ready to meet the needs of each educational stage and project. These are spaces where pupils spend most of their school day which is why they have to create truly “brain-friendly atmospheres”.


Our classrooms, which are 55m2, are large and in preschool they are big enough to have two areas, one for activities done sitting down and another for complementary activities such as assembly, study corners, reading and so on. The school has specific classrooms for Psychomotor Education, IT, Music and Dance, and Body Expression. All of these are taught using material specific to each age. Lastly, in order to cater for the different needs of the school children they have their own dining room and sleeping area.



At Agora Lledó International School we give priority to practical lessons so that pupils get to understand the realities of the world. The school has three laboratories, one for Biology, one for Technology and another for Physics and Chemistry, where the students use lab material and instruments. These spaces help with the science subjects and make for a true comprehensive education by providing a space where to put into practice those things that have been learnt in the classroom. This all fosters a more active, participative and individualised education, vital for the development of critical thought.



The library at Agora Lledó is one of our most emblematic and important places, because of its location and the importance given to it. This is where pupils learn something that is essential for their personal and academic lives: the importance of concentrating and being quiet. They also learn to look for information and improve their research methods, something they can also do at the library at the Jaime the First University in Castellón, thanks to an agreement we have with them. Our library is open for all our students from 8am to 6pm.


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