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Our Mission

With an education programme which encompasses all stages from Preschool to Baccalaureate, Agora Lledó International School aims to provide its pupils with an all-round education through stimulating activities. We understand that happiness and motivation are key to effective learning. Our international private school, part of the prestigious educational group Globeducate, offers fantastic facilities which help all our pupils to feel part of a community in a positive and creative atmosphere.

Our Philosophy

The Agora Lledó International School philosophy, as a school which belongs to the Globeducate group, is based on 4 fundamental principles:

  • Educational Excellence
  • Global Readiness
  • Co-curricular Excellence
  • Value-based Education

The globalisation of teaching has changed the way we understand the world. That’s why at Agora Lledó International School we offer a global education. We educate pupils so they are prepared to face our globalised world where the connection among countries is getting stronger day by day. Whatever they decide to do in the future, they will be ready for it.

The educational programmes at our private, international school offer high quality content in a variety of areas. We firmly believe that music, art and sport are essential to boosting our pupils’ creative abilities and instilling them with values such as teamwork, self-improvement and camaraderie.

Independent learning, self-discipline and teamwork contribute to the academic success achieved by the pupils at Agora Lledó private international school. We foster the values which our experienced team of teachers uphold in our pupils:

  • Respect for others.
  • Tolerance towards their classmates, regardless of differences in culture, ethnic background or sexuality.
  • Social commitment.

We make sure that our pupils feel a sense of belonging to our unique, global community

Our Group: Globeducate

Globeducate is one of the top 5 school groups in the world, with over 55 schools in 9 countries. The group prides itself on its educational excellence, the global readiness of its pupils, its value-based education and comprehensive art, music and sports programmes that make up an all-round education for its students.

Letter from the Headmaster:

Our aim is to shape true citizens of an ever-changing, globalised and highly competitive world. A world for which your children, pupils at our international school, will be ready regardless of what they decide to do in life.

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History of the school

Agora Lledó International School was founded in 2001 by a team of educators with over 20 years of experience. In 2006 it became part of the Globeducate group, a step forward in its yearning to transmit a wish for learning to its pupils.

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Pupils, teachers and families are all the mainstay of our school’s educational project, a community that has one common goal: ensuring that each and every student reaches their full academic and personal development.

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Globeducate Group

Agora Lledó International School is part of the prestigious Globeducate Group, one of the top 5 in the world, with over 55 schools in 9 countries and a community of over 28000 pupils.

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Here is where you will be able to find the latest news about Agora Lledó International School: news, projects, mentions in the press and much more. It is a meeting point where teachers, pupils and families can stay up-to-date.

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