At Agora Lledó International School, we believe that success comes from the effective collaboration among staff, families and students. That’s why at our international school families and teachers are always in contact, to ensure the very best for our pupils. We promote an open dialogue, taking into account the needs of the pupils’ families. We make sure to keep them informed in detail about our teaching and learning methodology as well as the decisions which could affect the pupils’ academic and personal progress.

At our school we help families to find the balance between school and home. One of the services offered at our international school is the possibility to lengthen or shorten the school day, according to the needs of our families. They can also take advantage of our transport service, which collects the pupils in the morning and drops them off again in the evening. Our rigorous methods and organisation guarantee the safety and well-being of all the students who use this service.

Our families are involved in all the different stages of education. This communication between school and family life supports the success of pupils at Agora Lledó.


“Our daughter started at this school when she was 17 months old, and now that she is beginning a new stage in her education, Secondary, we see reflected in her the teaching of all these years. Thanks to the international outlook she has acquired at school, she took part in an exchange to Paris when she was 10, and we gained some new French friends. A highly recommended experience.”

Noëlle Tripiana

Mother of pupil at Agora Lledó International School

“Choosing a school for my children was, at the time, a difficult task. 14 years on and 3 Lledó pupils, we’re convinced that our choice was the right one. Over these years our children have done lots of homework, they’ve had fun with their classmates, their teachers, on trips, at parties, matches, festivals, concerts, competitions, they’ve had exams, successes, failure… We have seen the evolution of the school, the expansion it has experienced on all levels, we’ve worked with many professionals, and when someone asks us about the school, we always give the same reply: there is no perfect school, but our children learn and they feel at school just like they do at home.”

Stella Artús

Mother of pupils

“Overall, I am satisfied with my children’s education, proud to be part of Colectivo Lledó and I trust that  my children, thanks to the collaboration among all of those who are part of the school, will be ready to face life’s professional and personal challenges in the future.”

Anonymous 2

“The children at our school radiate happiness. Mine are still small but they have learnt a lot and are getting on really well. They show a great deal of respect and love for their teachers and are obviously taught respect and how to behave in the classroom.”


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