Pupils are at the heart of Agora Lledó International School. We help them to reach their maximum potential by supporting them in their academic and personal development so they are successful in the future:

  • We take pupils’ individuality into account, along with their own learning paces and styles. Those who show some type of difficulty receive personalised attention through support programmes, so that they feel motivated, develop a sense of self-improvement and set out on a path to success.
  • The pupils at our international school participate in extracurricular activities.
  • The syllabus includes sport, music and art, traditionally considered as optional subjects. This offers pupils the chance to try new experiences and develop an alternative form of self-expression.
  • Through the international atmosphere and multilingualism at our school, pupils become fluent in foreign languages and develop values such as respect and tolerance towards other cultures as well as a creative way of seeing the world.
  • Throughout all the stages of their education, pupils learn to think creatively and independently thanks to the use of new technologies as an alternative way to analyse information.
  • Thanks to the chances they have of participating in group activities, our pupils understand that they are part of a wider community and learn the responsibility that this entails.

To sum up, starting in the early stages of their school life, we prepare every student to have a successful life in a globalised world.


“I love my school because we do loads of fun things and learn a lot”

Balma Villamarín

5-year-old pupil

“This is my sixth and final year at the school, and all this time I’ve felt taken care of. Thanks to the support I have been given, I’ve been able to combine my student life with the life of an elite gymnast. That’s why I am grateful to the school management, the teachers and my classmates for everything they’ve done in the good and the bad moments. I feel perfectly prepared to embark on my path to university and to achieve another of my dreams, to study medicine.”

Paula Reyes

2nd Baccalaureate Pupil

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