International Baccalaureate

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP) is a prestigious, internationally recognised qualification that guarantees our students’ global readiness and higher mobility. The course also has some significant benefits such as nurturing independent, critical and analytical thinking, community involvement, linguistic fluency and an awareness of international issues.

The IB Diploma Programme set the standards by which we can ensure the students are able to access the world’s top universities. In addition, a larger proportion of IB students go to university or higher education than from other baccalaureates. In Spain, students who have the International Baccalaureate Diploma do not need to sit University Entrance Exams (Selectividad), as they are able to validate their IB Diploma degree to gain access.

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Furthermore, as a differentiating element we have introduced the Kognity platform in the IB subjects at Agora Lledó International School.  This platform allows the students to access theoretical and practical learning material specifically for these subjects, while it also serves as an additional means of work and communication with their teachers making for on-going personal assessment throughout the course.

For all these reasons, Agora Lledó International School is an applicant for the Primary Years Program (PYP) of the International Baccalaureate (IB) that aims to obtain authorisation as an IB World School. Thus, it will expand the number of academic programs of the International Baccalaureate to the rest of the formative stages to instill from the beginning of the educational journey the values ​​of IB schools: a common philosophy that is based on the commitment to improve teaching and learning through programmes of high quality international education. These programs encourage students from all over the world to have an active learning attitude throughout their lives.

To sum up, the International Baccalaureate is an English/Spanish bilingual programme that enables students develop the optimum abilities for going on to an international degree: cultural awareness and sensitivity, fluency in a foreign language, independent thought, capacity to analyse, teamwork, social commitment, and so on. This all means that our IB students go on to become true citizens of the world with an open mind to other cultures and opinions.

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“The experience I had at Lledó International School throughout my academic studies has allowed me to develop study strategies and habits which have given me excellent results. Furthermore, having the opportunity to study the International Baccalaureate enabled me to acquire critical thought, which today is vital. The constant work by the teachers at the school boosted the intelligences that we all possess, and allowed us to develop new ones. In my case, it enabled me to set my own goals and to reach the objective that I chose for myself. Right now, I am studying the university degree which I chose. And what’s more important, I believe that the school has educated me to be an ethically responsible and socially active person. Without doubt, I would recommend this school to anyone.”

Marcos Vidal

Former Pupil of Agora Lledó International School

“The International Baccalaureate provides pupils with a unique, critical and holistic vision of the reality which surrounds them. It equips pupils with a critical and innovative spirit which enables them to access the world of university, and facilitates their joining the working world, offering them strategies to ensure that they are socially active and ethically responsible.”

Susana Manrique Martínez

Secondary & Baccalaureate Teacher

“I am in my second year of Aerospace Engineering at Ohio State University. The first year was very difficult but I was able to finish it with very good academic results (3 out of 4 average). This University is one of the 40 best in the world rankings and one of the 15 best for the degree I am studying. I am here, among other things, thanks to the International Baccalaureate which I studied at school. The admissions process was very difficult and an international point scale like the IB helped me a lot.”

Nacho Criado

Former Pupil of Agora Lledó International School

“Throughout the two years of the IB course, the pupils face academic research challenges, achievable for their age and abilities, but similar in style and difficulty to tasks at higher academic levels. These are challenges in which they will perfect their analytical capacity and critical view of reality, and the different discourses generated with this. They will improve their decisiveness in the search, selection and contrast of information from different sources, as well as in evaluating their validity. They will develop the strategies of expression necessary to produce high level academic texts.”

Luis Gorbe

Secondary & Baccalaureate Teacher

‘‘The IB has been a sort of pre-university course because of the focus on research and understanding concepts, not just getting to know them. What’s more, having studied at Lledó for 15 years has given me impulse and linguistic abilities necessary to leave my comfort zone and look for opportunities outside Spain.”

Alberto Conti

Biochemistry student in Scotland

‘‘The IB had prepared me for my university studies. It especially taught me to express my ideas better both in writing and in words, and this has been very useful at University.’’

Antonio Martí Polo

Molecular Biology and Biochemistry student in Chicago

‘‘The IB has helped me to develop my critical thinking and a passion for work. The tasks we carry out help us to be better organised in life and prepare us for university.‘‘

Alma Frisch

2nd Year International Baccalaureate Pupil

‘‘The IB has helped me to learn how to work in a constant and independent way, developing my capabilities to the maximum. It has given me a global outlook on the world that is essential for the future.‘‘

Valeria Xu

2nd Year International Baccalaureate Pupil

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