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Agora Lledó International School has official authorization as an exam centre for SAT tests for university admission in the United States. The school is the only exam centre in Castellón for students from Agora Lledó and other schools for the upcoming calls for May and June 2021. In addition, Agora Lledó offers specific online training to prepare for these tests through the Blyth Academy, part of the largest group of private schools in Canada and belonging to the Globeducate group. Fill in the form and get all the information about the SAT tests at school, with an exclusive discount for online training at the Blyth Academy.


The SAT is an admission test accepted by the universities of the United States to assess the preparation of students for the university world. It builds on the work students are already doing in class and is owned by the College Board, a private, non-profit organization. The exam builds on the skills and competencies students have acquired in high schools and focuses on the knowledge they will use in college and in the real world.

The SAT exam is essential for all students who wish to pursue university studies in the USA. It is a requirement to get a sports or academic scholarship. The exam is done in person and consists of several sections: Reading, Writing and Language, Mathematics and, finally, an optional essay. Most universities accept the best combined grade for each of the sections, even obtained in different calls, so it is advisable to sit several times until you achieve the desired grade.

Official examination centre

Agora Lledó International School is one of the official testing centres for SAT tests worldwide. The exam is face-to-face, open to students from any school, and registration in the test allows the results to be sent to four American universities or institutions for free. Students can attend any of the four annual calls and combine the best marks from the different sections until they obtain a grade according to their objectives.

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Specific online training

Agora Lledó International School offers specific SAT preparation training through the Blyth Academy, Canada’s prestigious online school. The Blyth Academy SAT Preparation Course provides students with the practice, tools, and confidence to successfully pass the tests. The course covers the critical Reading, Writing and Mathematics sections of the SAT, with different thematic units, practical exams and questions like the ones that can be found on the actual exam.


Upcoming calls

MAYMay 8, 2021
JUNEJune 5, 2021

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