Summer at Stonar, England

Summer camp at the prestigious English college, Stonar. Founded over 120 years ago, Stonar has a campus extending over 32 hectares and offers world class facilities. This is an opportunity for students between 10 and 16 years old to enjoy an international experience and make new friends from different countries and cultural backgrounds.

Founded over 120 years ago

as a boarding school

323.748 m2 campus

14.400 m² buildings


The Summer at Stonar programme offered at Agora Lledó International School provides our pupils with a wonderful opportunity to experience a language exchange at the prestigious British school, Stonar, which belongs to the Globeducate group. This programme enables pupils to perfect their English language skills, build relationships with students from other cultures and take part in classes, activities and trips in English.

Stonar School offers first-class educational and boarding facilities: an indoor pool, modern multi-purpose sports centres, technology classrooms, a music studio and a boarding house with communal areas. Stonar is set on a beautiful 32-hectare estate close to Bath and only 90 minutes from London. The comfortable boarding houses have communal areas equipped with everything necessary to ensure the students’ optimum academic development and common rooms designed for fun and relaxing during free time.

Over the course of the week, pupils will combine the study of English with other activities in the afternoon. Pupils receive 15 hours of English classes a week and have constant interaction with students from several different countries. Special emphasis is given to communication skills, and students are awarded a certificate at the end of the course. Pupils can also participate in sports or artistic activities including tennis, volleyball, badminton, football, swimming, arts and crafts, painting and performing arts.

The Stonar School summer camp in the glorious Wiltshire countryside, is aimed at children aged 10 to 16, and offers endless opportunities for learning, improving, and practising English whilst having fun. Your children will make many new friends from different countries and cultural backgrounds and the educational and leisure possibilities are endless.

Creating memories that your child will never forget!

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“My experience at Stonar School was the best memory I reckon I have. House competition, late night gossip, loud laughs and long-lasting friendships. Aside from the fun we had, Stonar is also a place to learn, explore and discover. I loved Stonar itself, its students and teachers. It was a term in British heaven.”

Esther Menasanch

Agora Lledo International School Pupil

“My stay at Stonar is one of the most enriching professional experiences of my career as a teacher. Among other things, the cultural dilemma means that they place a higher value on the educational tools developed in the NACE network, and show that, in spite of the cultural differences, we are one big family with the same values.”

Cristina Chacar Pons

Agora Lledo International School Teacher at Stonar

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