Exchanges and Stays Abroad

Globeducate’ international network allows us to offer our students exchanges, summer courses and stays at prestigious schools abroad which complement the trips already included in the syllabus. A unique opportunity to live valuable international experiences alongside students from all over the world.

Curricular Exchanges

Exchanges which are part of the syllabus offer students the chance to spend some time abroad or take in a foreign student through our comprehensive exchange programme.

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School year abroad

As well as the exchanges, our pupils have the chance of spending a school year alongside students from all over the world at some of the top international schools such as Stonar in England.

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Summers abroad

Agora Lledó International School gives all its students the chance to live a full international experience at some of the top schools in the United Kingdom thanks to the Globeducate network. A unique experience of enormous value for their personal and academic development. Choose your destination and find out more about it!

Stonar ICS London

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